Friday, July 16, 2010

My "Flying Witch"

How is your summer going?? Fast as usual? Here is one of my recent "labor's of love." LOL!! The flying witchy poo! I just listed it on ebay, here is a link with more photos:

I've been using quite a bit of monks cloth lately for my rugs and liking it! I use Dorr's and it is nice with a wide cut, price is right too, etc... I also love the mixed prim linen they sell now, it is about twice the cost though.

I will offer a pattern giveaway and post some free pumpkin dye colors soon.I am finding a little more computer time lately. I am just about done with my orders, not sure if that is good or bad...hum??? lol! Also, my kids seem to be behaving better this summer, hum, what could they be up to?? Bless you all! Thanks for stopping by! Cathy