Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Extreme Penny Tree...

I just sent this really large penny tree out to a customer, but I took some photos first. I have the little white one on ebay, so I had fun comparing the! It ended up being almost 3 foot tall and about 18" wide. I was afraid to go any bigger or the thing would just topple over.
I am going to hook some mittens and so I asked my youngest what color I should make them, she suggested green, I do love green, but told her mom is pretty well "greened out right now." lol!!!! I think red would be nice.
I have had several requests for my nutcracker pattern, so I will have it on Ebay and Etsy any day now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hookin' up for the Holidays!

I had to squeeze a few things in while working on the looong rug..... All but the Joy Star are still for sale on ebay!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

All Done w/ better photos

Ok, I am all done! The rug will be sent out tomorrow!! I am really happy with how nice it lays down, pretty straight and all. I was a bit concerned before I even started it, and was hoping it would look nice, straight and all. It is actually straighter than it looks... I was having issues with our outdoor cat trying to keep him off of it!lol!! So I quick laid it down and took these pictures.. Oh My!!
I will be back soon with photo's of my nutcracker!! You can see it by clicking my ebay or fb link!
I am also finishing up some lil' tree and snowman ornie/tucks!