Saturday, March 21, 2009

GIVEAWAY!! Spring Boquet-Forget-me-nots! 2 Sets!

Well, this is just so exciting!!! LOL!! I am so happy to have had such a nice response to the flower I am making 2 sets of 3 forget-me-nots to give away! This way we can have 2 winners!!! One winner just didn't seem like! I hope to do another flower giveaway in May too, I will pick another color or a mixed color set, maybe I will just run a poll to see what is popular!lol I really do love the sentiment of Forget-Me-Nots!! LOL!! I will draw 2 winners on Sunday and announce the winners then!! Thanks! Cathy
Hello! Just wanted to welcome in Spring with a cheery flower giveaway and a blue dye recipe. If you would like a chance to win a set of 3 of my handmade/hooked flowers like the one's pictured below, just add a comment to this post. Make sure I can link back to your blog, or you can contact me through my ebay store with an email address to contact you if you win! FUN!!!! I will be sure and have these to you by Easter! So I will draw a name on April 5, which is Palm Sunday! Good Luck!!

My favorite blue recipe is a combo of Cushings Sky Blue and Silver Gray. All depends on how much wool, etc.. add more Silver Gray for a more prim shade. Add a bit of peach to tone down and warm up your color. If you want an even warmer blue use Peacock, Turquoise, etc.. If you want a touch of lavender for more of periwinkle use Copenhagen Blue or Royal with Silver Gray. ENJOY!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food for bunnies!

Bunny Wabbit Food!

I just finished these and listed them on ebay! FUN!!!! Pattern soon, I hope,!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Handmade prims from the past......More feather tree ornie ideas too!

Awhile back I was discussing the wonderful wool feather tree's my dear friend Joanne makes and lil' ornies for these tree's. I found a couple more ideas in my picture files. For some reason, mostly to free up space on my have been going through my photo albums..... Just like around the house, I am terrible about throwing things away, it is the same on my many files! I am like a computer pack rat!
Anyhow, first the ornies, then just a few of my past creations!

Easy and fast to make! Again, I used Styrofoam balls. Some folks don't care to paint, so this is another option, little rag balls. In the top 2 photos I used an old calico quilt top, wrapped my lil's strips around the mini balls, aged them with vanilla coffee, and then used rusty safety pins for the hangers.
Then for the third picture, on that tree I used an old crazy quilt top. I used quilt tops because I thought an actual quilt would be too thick. You could also use your favorite fabric, Civil War prints, or wool of course! lol! I made balls and hand stitched little cones, hand dipped little birthday candles, rolled them in some spices and tucked them into the cones with a few drieds (Sweet Annie.) I used string as hangers.
Here is a small sampling of prims I have made, some published patterns, some my own, some spring thyme, some for anytime! A bit of stitching, felting, punching, hooking, etc...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Overdyeing Dark's

I have been working on more order's, so just taking a bit of time away from them to dye, make some flowers and say "Hello!" I made these flowers from some great deep shades. It seems I just can't leave a piece of wool alone or! The top 2 woolens (petals) were already great on their own, but I had to play!lol!

One is a great deep wine and brown plaid, the other a wonderful bittersweet stripe. I think I mentioned this before, but if you have to wash the wool anyways........why not do a bit of dyeing? I simply used what I had left in a lil' pack of Cushings Tan, it was probably about 1/4 teaspoon over 1/2 yard or so. I threw all in a pot just to drab down the wool even more, and to mottle it up a bit.
Below is a runner I hooked up last week!