Monday, September 27, 2010

Easy Dyeing without Dye....

Does anyonelse live on the computer?? Facebook, Ebay, Etsy, Blogging, Email, OH MY! LOL!

Well, it is time for snowmen.. A bit a gray is nice sometimes, but I lean towards a warmer shade of off-white. Sometimes I get it a bit too dark with dyes and have to make reindeer or

This was very simple to do. If I plan to dye, I save that day's old coffee, it is great to tone down colors that went bright, etc.. I knew I needed more creamy white for sheep and snow folks, so I took 1/4 yard of Dorr Natural. I grabbed just a few onion skins, like about 6. I threw wool and all into a pot. I used the coffee instead of water, sorta wrapped my wool around onion skins. I turned on the pot, let come to a boil, turned it way down for a few minutes, say maybe 10-15 minutes. I added my vinegar and turned the heat off and let it sit until I had time to rinse. I ran it through a spin cycle and dried it, and....this is the result......FUN & EASY!

Almost forgot my gobbly guys! Above are my latest creations! I used my turkey pattern for both, and just modified it a bit it for the pillow.