Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Overdyeing Dark's

I have been working on more order's, so just taking a bit of time away from them to dye, make some flowers and say "Hello!" I made these flowers from some great deep shades. It seems I just can't leave a piece of wool alone or as-is...lol! The top 2 woolens (petals) were already great on their own, but I had to play!lol!

One is a great deep wine and brown plaid, the other a wonderful bittersweet stripe. I think I mentioned this before, but if you have to wash the wool anyways........why not do a bit of dyeing? I simply used what I had left in a lil' pack of Cushings Tan, it was probably about 1/4 teaspoon over 1/2 yard or so. I threw all in a pot just to drab down the wool even more, and to mottle it up a bit.
Below is a runner I hooked up last week!


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lovetheprimlook said...

I love your work and the flowers are awesome !!!