Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Turkey Rugs!!

Have you planned your Thanksgiving meal yet?? Even though I am practically a vegetarian, I do like a "little" meat on the the holiday's. I have kind of evolved into a vegan over the years, just kind of lost my taste for meat for several reasons. Give me a heaping spoon of sweet potatoes, and sweets....oh yeah! To celebrate our upcoming holiday, I am posting photo's of some of my past turkey rugs! The last one is a wonderful design by my friend Angela Jones of Breezy Ridge Rugs. I used some vintage paisley's to hook this one.
If you have never hooked or worked with old or new wool paisley, I recommend it! FUN! I bought a wonderful Talbot's paisley skirt on ebay for less than $10, I always throw a piece of it into my dye baths to have some in every shade. It is just a fun way to add a vintage BLING to your wool handiwork!

The rest of these turkey rugs are my own design's and pattern's, if you would ever like to purchase any of my pattern's you see, just let me know!!


Kaye said...

Great Turkeys, love the bling as you call it. Always reading your blog. Such fun. Love the dye tips, they are so helpful, so don't forget about them, hint-hint.
Have a great thanksgiving.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I love all your little turkey rugs ~ and I, especially love paisley in a rug. I try to use it whenever I can ~ it add's life to the rug!!
Also wanted you to know that I just added a link to your blog on mine. You have great dying tips and a very interesting blog so wanted to share it with others!
Thanks ~ Alice

Hooked on Primitives said...

Thanks Kaye!!! I have lots more coming very soon!! So glad you like them!!!

Hooked on Primitives said...

Thanks so much Alice!! So glad you like to use paisley too! It just adds something so interesting, another great way to use texture! I added a link to your blog too! Thanks so much!!

Sherry said...

Lovin' those turkey rugs Cathy!!!!
I'd like to get hold of some paisley to try it.
Gobble!!! Gobble!!!!

Sherry aka:The Queen

kelley said...

Yuor turkey tugs are gorgeous...I want them all!Love your blog...and the kitties...