Sunday, January 25, 2009

Got Prim Pink / Pink Heart!

A little pink inspration & A fun valentine!

Okay, I know prim rug hookers don't use much pink, but sometimes we need a little right?? Maybe for a floral rug, a heart, a bunny's nose, etc....??? I was in a pink mood today. As our temperatures drop yet again, I am SO ready for Spring. I do like pink, my youngest is crazy for pink. Pink is our birthstone, our b-day's are 5 days apart, in October! One of my bathrooms is Shabby Chic, so I use pink, green, and white in there.

These wool pieces are smaller than they appear and not as bright. Pink can be prim, much depends on the wool used and the addition of a green to tone down any brights. So here we have 3 shades, on the far left we have a mauve shade, I used Woodrose over a grey herringbone and a taupe plaid/texture. Let your wool be the guide, mix and add dye as needed to achieve the depth you want. In the center I have a small piece of pink, I used just a bit of American Beauty and Bronze, and dyed over a light gray mini herringbone.

Finally, at the far right end, my favorite's, I like the warmth. I used Old Rose and Mint Green over a tan check and a white confetti. You probably see the confetti speckles, it looks like I didn't mix my dye well, but I did!!! LOL!! The lightest of these was added to the dye bath last, I wanted one piece a bit lighter, gotta have contrast. I chose Mint Green because it is a warmer green, but not dark. This is the fun part, if you don't have mint try another green to tone it, or a brown shade for a deep, almost salmon shade. Happy Day to ALL!!!! :)


Joanne said...

Cathy - I like pink - do not hook it often but I like it -nice prims you got there - unfortunately i have my share - seems my "reds" turns to pinks a lot - either pinks or burgandys! Darn water!

Okay - been keeping the light on for you - waiting for you to show up to play in the wool pile!

Hooked on Primitives said...

Darn snow!! been trying to get there!!! LOL!!! Cathy

Kaye said...

Thanks for more dyeing tips, so glad you share.

Sheri said...

Oooohhhh, this is Exactly what I mean by wanting to "hook outside the box" this year! Some mixed media with hooking. What could be better? And BTW, I love pink!

Hooked on Primitives said...

I love the idea of out of the box Sheri! So fun!! LOL! Cathy