Saturday, January 31, 2009

Penny For Your Thoughts.............

We had a fun-filled day Saturday at a children's museum! A great Italian meal and a bit of shopping! Something for everyone. Museum for the kiddos, food for hubby, and shopping for me!
Our weather is still pretty bad here, all of the snow is drifting, very slippery roads. The kids missed 3 days last week. It is hard for me to teach when all 3 are home, so we all missed school! LOL!

I can't stop making hearts!!! LOL! :) This is my latest creation for ebay! FUN!!! A great way to use use up those wonderful strips that you only have 1 or 2 of! The one's you keep because you know they belong in something.

Selling on ebay is usually pretty seasonal, so I am trying to stretch the hearts out as long as I can. I always kinda miss hooking a particular item once the season ends, silly I know! Hearts really work anytime though, stars too!

These are my little "chocolate" style hearts, another way to use pink. I am glad I am not the only one who likes pink! Alright ladies it is time for more prim lover's to come out of the pink closet and admit it!!! LOL! We do like pink! Have you seen the guys wearing pink neck tie's? Love em'!

I hope to complete the pattern soon for my large "chocolate" heart pillow. I call them chocolate because my mom always bought me a small decorated cake for Valentine's Day. You know the pretty one's with lacy white icing and a rosebud? They were almost too pretty to eat, and honestly, they looked better than they tasted. Am I just imagining I ate these years ago? My mom has worked part-time in a bakery for years, I know that is where she used to get them! The belly aches afterward were not imagined, I guess should have just looked at them. LOL!


Plumruncreek said...

Love all the hooked hearts you've been making. I'm trying to think positive cos we have awhile till spring comes to Ohio. Stay warm!!

art spirit said...

I love your hearts, too...all of them, especially the Pink ones!